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Ladies of Harley – What Is It?

LOH stands for Ladies of Harley® and it was established by Harley Owners Group® to encourage female Harley-Davidson® motorcycle enthusiasts to become more involved in chapter rides and activities. Ladies of Harley® is a group of women who run their own meetings and forums designed to promote and sponsor adventures from within our H.O.G.® Chapter that both the men and ladies can participate in. It is important to know that LOH members do NOT have to be motorcycle riders; you can simply be an enthusiastic passenger who is willing to participate, a little ….. or a lot.

By joining LOH, as a woman in this world of Harley-Davidson® motorcycles, we can be an integral part of creating activities that are not solely dominated by men. Since H.O.G.® is all about family fun, LOH was formed to provide a voice for women to be heard.

How Do You Join LOH?

It is important to know that LOH is not a separate group from H.O.G.®. It is an additional benefit, FREE of charge but participation is not automatic. When you become a National member of H.O.G.® as a full or an associate member, you will need to indicate that you also want to be a member of LOH. Ladies of Harley offers members a special embroidered patch and pin during the first year of membership, and each renewal year LOH members receive an LOH pin indicating the year of membership.

If your H.O.G.® membership card does not include the LOH designation, please contact the H.O.G. office or 1 800 668-4836.

What LOH Events Would You Like?

If you have any ideas for LOH events / activities please contact me with your suggestions: or 613 830-7437.

Ladies of Harley Officer